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recipesSearching thousands of delicious recipes from around the world !

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recipes: Sourdough White for the Bread Machine   {new window}  
Serving Size:    Serving Instruction:    ...
Recipe Ingredients: 2 cups sourdough starter 2 ...
Recipe Preparation: Combine ingredients in the order given. Bake on regular cycle. A note about starters; Sourdough purists may omit t ...
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recipes: Friendship Fruitcake and Starter With Brandy   {new window}  
Serving Size:    Serving Instruction:    ...
Recipe Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups apricot brandy 6 ...
Recipe Preparation: Day 1: in a large bowl, combine brandy (or starter from a friend), 2 cups sugar and peaches; cover; store at room temperature. Stir ...
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