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Life Coach: Joanne T. Ecock   {new window}  
Address: 782 Valley St.Orange, New Jersey United States    Phone: (973) 414-1120    Coaching Focus: Mission StatementMy mission is to encourage people to love every aspect of their lives by supporting them in having what they want in life and empowering them to be satisfied and fulfilled in all that they do. SpecialtiesPersonal Coaching, Quality of Life Coaching, ADD Coaching, Balance between work and home, Advanced Personal Development, People in transition. Niches PersonalChallenges in the Work PlaceCareer TransitionsChange in Job by ChoiceJob SatisfactionEmployeeJob SatisfactionPersonal ProductivityStress / Time ManagementManagementStress / Time ManagementSelf-EmployedPersonal ProductivityStress / Time ManagementPersonal / Quality of LifeFinancesFinancial ChallengesHealth and WellnessEmotionalDepressionSelf-CareFeeling StuckLifestyle DesignOvercoming ObstaclesSetting GoalsIntegrityBoundariesPersonal FoundationMotivationClarityEncouragementVisionStress ReductionPersonal FoundationTolerationsMentalADD/ADHDSpiritualIntuitionRelationshipsSelf/OthersBoundariesSelf-AssessmentsTransitions BusinessCareer TransitionLife BalanceSimplifyingStressWhat's next...
Fees: $250 - $450 ...

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Life Coach: Mike Goonan, CFLC   {new window}  
Address: Bellmawr, NJ, 08031United States    Phone: 856-931-5283    Coaching Focus: Welcome to my Coaching Page! My name is Mike Goonan and I am a Certified Fearless Living Coach of the Fearless Living Institute. I have personally received training from Rhonda Britten, the Founder of FLI as well as some of the best coaches and mentors FLI has to offer. I am presently the only Certified Fearless Living Coach in the state of New Jersey. I currently serve as the Coordinator of the Fearless Living Institute E-Letter and the Coordinator of Professional Development Classes. I am the founder of “Jumping into Freedom Coaching”, a coaching practice set up to support people on their Fearless Path by using Rhonda Britten’s Fearless Living Principles. Through my coaching practice, I offer one-on-one coaching, custom Fearless Book Groups, and 90-minute presentations on the Principles of Fearless Living. I work with clients from the USA, UK, and Canada and specialize in working with teachers, students, and individuals who are craving to create a healthier lifestyle. Aside from my work with the Fearless Living Institute, I am a student at Rowan University majoring in Public Relations and a Leader at Weight Watchers where I lead weekly meetings with over 500 members.Email Mike to set up a FREE 30-minute Intro Session. Services: * One-on-One Coaching * PPA Coaching for potential Program Candidates * Fearless Book Groups * Introduction to Fearless Living class (In-person/teleclass) * Expectation Teleclasses * FREE 30-minute session for first time clients Testimonials: "A number of challenges were holding me back from accomplishing my life goals, until I found Mike Goonan at Fearless Living. I am so thankful for his guidance and awareness and thoroughly enjoyed our sessions together. His coaching grounded me in my core values and helped me stay focused, and follow through on my commitments and priorities. I am truloy blessed to have Mike as my coach and mentor." ~ Christi, AZ "I just finiahed my first experience with Fearless Living. My coach, Mike Goonan, made it easier for me to continue on this challenging journey by truly listening, by being knowledgeable, and by being very supportive. Although I had a goal, sometimes I felt I couldn't go on. Mike coached me through these challenges, and I value the time he spent coaching me. Mike's Fearless Path has been a great aide to starting me on my Fearless Journey. Thanks Mike!" ~ Margie, OH "I can’t say enough about how important these twelve sessions have been in helping me grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The program was both boot camp and a spa retreat for my soul. Doing each exercise and talking about them over with my coach each week helped me gain a better understanding of the person that I am and gave me answers to the why’s and how’s. The greatest gift I received through participating in this program is that I have a better outlook on life and a more positive attitude. The steps to getting here were there all along. I learned some valuable and practical tools from this program that I can apply to my life each and everyday, which will help me as I continue on with my journey." ~ Sandy of MI...
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