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life_coach Searching thousands of life coaches, business coaches !

Life Coach, Business Coach Search Results: 1 - 9 of about 2 for boston

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Life Coach: Bruce G. Clinton   {new window}  
Address: 2440 Boston Post Road Unit #1Guilford CT 06437United States    Phone: 203.458-1219    Coaching Focus: Organizational Development Coaching Executive Coaching Entrepreneur/Small Business Coaching Coaching Specialties Leadership Development Management Skills Organization Development Coaching Activities Group coaching One-on-one coaching Coach training Industries Served All Level/Type of Client Business Owner or Partner Management or Executive Team President...
Fees: ...

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Life Coach: Carie Leung   {new window}  
Address: Boston, MA, 02446United States    Phone: (617)232-3620    Coaching Focus: I want to support people like you to build more meaningful connections to important people in your life, and most importantly to yourself through listening deeply and asking great questions. I am passionate about the process of coaching clients to find solutions and answers that create positive change and fulfillment in their lives and their relationships. To the coaching relationship I bring my listening skills and a nonjudgmental, encouraging attitude with lots of great and challenging questions. My greatest joy is my family where I get to practice Fearless Connection every day. I have two wonderfully athletic and creative sons. The first born teaches me about being present in the world, and the second born, teaches me about unconditional love. I live with them and my devoted, fun-loving husband who compliments me perfectly, strengthening my weaknesses, loving my gifts and always giving me chances to practice and grow! I offer clients 1:1 coaching, teleclasses, support calls and Fearless book groups....
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