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Proud to be a fan of ...

What science fiction do you think are insanely great ...


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star_trek  star_wars  2001_a_space_odyssey  x_files  twilight_zone  battlestar_galactica  the_hitchhiker's_guide_to_the_galaxy  godzilla  
jurassic_park  babylon_5  blade_runner  minority_report  war_of_the_worlds  fire_in_the_sky  
the_day_the_earth_stood_still  back_to_the_future  
fanmigos are fans of...

the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

blade runner

jurassic park

planet of the apes

fire in the sky

minority report

close encounters of the third kind

x files


the time machine

battlestar galactica

the invisible man

babylon 5

war of the worlds

the hitchhiker s guide to the galaxy

twilight zone


back to the future

2001 a space odyssey

e t the extra terrestrial

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