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- JonathanSandys
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added by vikram_g in Mar 24, 2008
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age:  34    United States   (Houston)

Jonathan Sandys, Chairman and Founder of Churchill's Britain Foundation, is a great-grandson of Sir Winston Churchill. His grandfather Lord Duncan-Sandys, married Sir Winston's first child Diana in 1935. They had three children:

Jonathan's father, Julian Sandys QC, was a barrister in London.

Celia Sandys, author of: 'From Winston With Love and Kisses', 'Churchill, Wanted Dead or Alive' and 'Chasing Churchill'.

Edwina Sandys, an artist and sculptress, whose work is renowned worldwide.

Many of Sir Winston Churchill's talents have been passed to his descendants. Over the thirty-three years of Jonathan's life, it has become apparent that he too shares some of those interests and passions.

Sir Winston's love of art and writing, his interest in history, his passion for Britain and America, his fascination with the American culture and its people, these too are talents and passions Jonathan says: "I have been very fortunate to inherit."

Jonathan was educated at Millbrook House, (Oxfordshire), a school designed to help those with learning difficulties, specifically focusing on Dyslexia.

From Millbrook House, Jonathan started at Frewen College, (East Sussex), where he took his GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) examination.

Hampered with dyslexia throughout his school life, a learning difficulty scarcely recognised in those days, Jonathan suffered many setbacks, and like his great-grandfather, had a miserable time at school.

"My aim with Churchill's Britain Foundation is to ensure that those with learning difficulties discover what I have realised that those challenges are not a curse to destroy a life, they are a gift to be embraced, and a recognization that we may not be academics, but we certainly have many other strengths."

With the encouragement and life lessons of his great-grandfather, Jonathan has already been opening the minds of both children and adults and introducing them to the significance of Churchill's philosophy of 'Never Surrender!'

"Had I known then what I know now about my Great-Grandfather's life, I would never have given up at school, and like Winston Churchill, I would have become more resilient and determined to show those without belief in me, that I was made of stronger metal and determined to succeed, no matter what they thought."

Since leaving school at 17 years old, Jonathan has successfully started and run three businesses:

A computer based company; In-Time Solutions, dedicated to teaching those without computer skills how to use databases, emails, word processing, and other significant software. Then, having taught himself the skills of designing and building webpages using the computer language HTML, (HyperText Markup Language), Jonathan expanded In-Time Solutions to incorporate this new aspect into the business model.

In 2003, Jonathan started a new business, Jjo Prints, offering his self-taught expertise in scanning, recreating and adjusting both new, but mainly old photographs and slides.

Very soon, Jonathan's talents were recognised by an outside London based foundation, Library of Life, (dedicated to preserving the memories of everyone, on a live webpage).

Jonathan began working for Library of Life, interviewing old war veterans and their families, and then writing a profile of their lives and stories for the Library of Life webpage.

"I met so many interesting people and it just confirmed in me even more the importance and significance of history in a modern day society."

In 2005, Jonathan was staying with a friend in Georgia. While there, he found himself falling in love with United States and desperately wanting to return, work and live in a country he saw as 'flowing with milk and honey'.

"Like my Great-Grandfather, I found America, its people and its culture fascinating and irresistible."

Jonathan looked for an avenue that could bring him to the United States, but was unable to see a clear way through. It was then suggested by friends that he should start a business lecturing on the subject of his great-grandfather.

Over the summer period, Jonathan worked hard on a plan to determine the viability of the proposed project, and he found that in America, a lot of children and indeed adults, had never been taught about Winston Churchill.

Having determined the viability of the project, Jonathan incorporated Churchill's Britain Ltd and with the help of friends, he began his first test lectures at Westside High School and Weaver Middle School in Macon, Georgia.

Churchill's Britain proved to be a great success and so in the summer of 2008, Jonathan and a colleague, David Bonner formed Churchill's Britain Foundation.

With the fast paced success of Churchill's Britain Foundation, Jonathan and David are looking to expand the project to offer, in addition to the Churchill Lectures, scholarship funds for those who show determination and wish to forge a career in public service.

"I am very excited with this enterprise, I feel positive that it will benefit many people in their lives."

Jonathan's latest project has been to create a history curriculum course entitled: 'Churchill 101 - The Making of Winston Churchill', to teach college and university students about the life, principles, morals, values and leadership skills of his great-grandfather.

"My aim is to reach out to as many schools, colleges, universities, businesses, organisations and individuals as possible. Without a doubt this is a lifelong project, and I intend to do my part in reuniting a broken world."

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