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fans, images, news, blogs, videos, fun comments, polls - feel free to drop by to get a doze of meryl streep

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meryl streep fanclub ... welcome!

what kind of meryl streep fan are you ?

why fanmigos adore meryl streep...
every thing the way she acts...how simple she is....when u c here u think tha u knw here from a long of time ...u think that shes ur mom ..ur sis..some one close 2 u...shes such a lady...im from lebanon nd its my dream 2 c her one day...just 2 tell her how much i love her nd 2 thank her abt the kind of movies that presenting 2 us....nd only her make me smile ...thaks meryl...god bless u...

nothing at all shes stunning always

- i like everything about meryl i think she is so perfect!

it would be nothing she is PERFECT!

- meryl streep fan everything

nothing, she is perfect

- MSMeryl,is the most talented,and gifted person in Hollywood.


- daiseygirl what i like about Meryl Streep is how different she portrays a character. she plays it in a way that she's experiencing it. Like putting herself in the characters shoes. and that's how unique she is. yes other celebrities are doing the same thing as Meryl does but how they show it is very different from Meryl Streep. and also i like how she does her eyes, very outstanding. shes one of a kind. and we all, Meryl Streep's fans, adore her.

nothing, for now, well,lets keep it that way..NOTHING

- cynthol07 When I watch her in a movie I feel like shes my mom because my mom and I dont get along and Meryl's movies make me feel like I have a mom when I watch her!Shes a very motherly person God bless her!

there is nothing that I would change about her!She is wonderful!

- sharlene
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on Nov 10, 2008
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Book Reference: Author: my; Title: super trooper; Comments: cool

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age:  24    Pakistan   (lahore)
's fanmigo profile

totally nuts fan   contact meryl streep fan    chat with meryl streep fan
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age:  16    United States   (Riverside)
I am the biggest Meryl streep and goldie hawn fan and just for the record i'm not gay so don't make fun if i sound a little gay!
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in love... fan   contact MS    chat with MS
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age:     Ireland   (Cork)
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age:     United States   (Maumee)
outgoing and Love friends and shopping
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age:  18    United States   (oceanside)
a big fan of meryl streep
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devoted fan   contact sharlene    chat with sharlene
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age:  17    United States   (Bloomsburg)
I am a celeb loving person.I want to become a singer and an actress.I love when Meryl Streep sings the song "The winner takes it all".She has a breathtaking voice!Anyway , I will be 18 on Thursday March 18th 2009!Please feel free to email me, especially celebs can email me!Everybody wants to be emailed by celebs lol!
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