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fans, images, news, blogs, videos, fun comments, polls - feel free to drop by to get a doze of jon voight

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I love his acting and his devotion to the state of Israel.


- Moran His devotion to speaking the truth, after years of searching for that truth. I once heard him quote Mother Teresa about the "drop in the bucket and how sorely it would be missed if it wasn't there" His passion for those who are suffering as a result of the many economic and political struggles our nation is experiencing.

His relationship with his children. Only time will open their eyes. Just as it did for him.(wish I could speed things up for him so there is less suffering. But that is the human condition, isn't it?) Be encouraged Jon, there is a reason your daughter picked Brad. He's the spitting image of you as a young man. (probably acts alot like you too) We girls always go for the one who most reminds us of our daddies. Hang in there, friend. Thanks for the memories on the big screen.

- sallie-mHis confidence, authenticity, uniqueness, and his ability to speak his mind and fight for what he believes in without fear of criticism, rejection, or anything! What a Man...

The only thing I would change about "Jon Voight" is Not, being in his contact list!

- Nicola Villaume
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age:  42    United States   (Forest Hills, N.Y. )
I am a fine Jewelry Designer and author of the new book, "Cooking With Love".
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age:  47    United States   (cleveland)
midwife/passionate for the country designed by Constitution
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age:  49    United States   (South St. Paul)
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