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fans, images, news, blogs, videos, fun comments, polls - feel free to drop by to get a doze of jim morrison

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jim morrison fanclub ... welcome!

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- vikram_g JIM is one of us....

I'd like to see today what would he think of the world

- lizardkingmusic and that he did not care what peopple thort of him he just cept on rocking.

The drugs, all the drugs that he took.

- jazz I spoke to Jim Morrison and know he is a true poet , singer. Music is everything to him. 11/6/2010 new book..Turn the page: the lost letters of Jim Morrison is unbelievable

- vwdragonflyi love his hair, ne never combed it only placed it with hands...love his lips very defined for a man..his scream's r orgasmic. i love the way he just a slight lisp when pronounsind the letter's'. his indian dance round the fire is fantastic..and ofcourse his truth that is in his words..after all he was a 'word' man. EVERYTHING.....

that he was my husband or that he did not die at least not he way he did, not tht death is pleasant in any circumstances,but 4 such a talented man 2 go so young and accidental made te tragedy worse. jim however would b happy with his final resting place..may he feast with his friends.....

- lingerslong
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added by
David-Sargsian on Jul 11, 2009

added by
David-Sargsian on Jul 11, 2009

added by
David-Sargsian on Jul 11, 2009
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Book Reference: Author: Victoria Williams; Title: Turn The Page: The Lost Letters of Jim Morrison; Comments: new look at his death..awesome!

Book Reference: Author: Adriana Rubio; Title: "The Jim Morrison Manual Case"; Comments: A Must Read!!!

Book Reference: Author: Adriana Rubio; Title: "Jim Morrison: Ceremony"; Comments: Very Interesting

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ordinary fan   contact vikram_g    chat with vikram_g
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age:  25    United States   (St. Louis)
huge fan of rock n roll, especially Queen and mr. bad guy himself - freddie mercury
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devoted fan   contact lizardking    chat with lizardking
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age:  39    Italy   (iglesias)
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devoted fan   contact jazz    chat with jazz
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age:  19    Australia   (Nelson Bay)
Well my favuorite bands are the doors and bob marley but jim comes first my mum whent into labuor in the doors movie. I like playing poker watching some dvds love cooking and later on I want to travell.
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in love... fan   contact vwdragonfly    chat with vwdragonfly
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age:     United States   (golden)
Very big Jim Morrison Fan
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devoted fan   contact lingerslong    chat with lingerslong
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age:  35    United Kingdom   (aberdeen)
i am an avid doors fan..i really love jim, however we can.t have the doors without ray robbie and john.i have loved them 4 20 yrs. was delighted 2 c that there r sites where the doors and jim can b discussed with enthusiasm from everyone here. great 2 sahre knowledge and learn knre facts..can't wait 2 start chatting and feasting on the delights that come with jim and his articulate brilliance.xx
lingerslong's fanmigo profile
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