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fans, images, news, blogs, videos, fun comments, polls - feel free to drop by to get a doze of google

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google fanclub ... welcome!

what kind of google fan are you ?

why fanmigos adore google...
i love the way in which i can pretend that i have changed google on mygoogle it fasinates me!!! i also love the way in which i can search on google in a touch of a button, searching google on google does it for me!!!!

It would amazing if one day we were able to connect to gogole when thinking about something to search, as well as that i would love to have my picture on the home page as i love google so much its my LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

- mcgoogle
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Book Reference: Author: Randall Stross; Title: Planet Google: One Company's Audacious Plan To Organize Everything We Know; Comments: A high level view of Google with too much technical detail

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age:  18    United Kingdom   (Borough Green)
i am a complete nerd that sums mem up basically i love the way in which i can search google in a touch of a button it turns me on!!
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