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I just recently came alive when it comes to ed Harris. I have seen him in many great performances , but He Directed and Starred in Appaloosa and knocked me off my feet. This story of the American west ,was so real to the last detail I became lost and felt I was there, congratulations on presenting the west as it really was.The acting was "A" one as well.

maybe change all the red tape to get this message out, this might be a duplicate I tried to send it before. Frank

- Frank Mulhall
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Ed Harris, Appaloosa, You'll Never Leave My Heart, Remix, Movie OST, Digital Art, video,
added by GigaAct in Jun 2, 2010
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age:  75    United States   (Mojave)
I'm retired and live in the Mojave Desert.Born Colorado Springs , Colorado. I love well done westerns because the west is part of my heritage. I grew up in west Hollywood California when it was the real thing and love good entertaining. I worked in the car business for 35 years and ended my career driving concrete mixers for four years ,did the trucking to fill a childhood fantasy.Thats It ! Frank
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