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I just stumbled on him quite by accident one day when I was at the Lbrary here in Henry County on the library computer that I was on. I've always heard about him Its like I crashed into him; Something really strange happend to me in April 09 that I've not quite understood and still don't know the answers to it... During a round of thunderstorms in April 09 in the mid secton of the US..Tornadoes were falling out of the skies hitting several places all at once Wheather I like it or not; Wherever the tornadoes are a part of me is with them In the dreamscape I'm a white Pheonix and I was among the storms when something dark slammed into me and I come falling out of the sky...Ever have a falling dream and you sit steight up in bed... anyway I'm here....and i'm likely to be here for quite some time.

He's fine just like he is.. if he were to change he would not be him. Like a fixed point in time and space..Somethings are best left unchanged.

- tymelynerdelux
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age:  46    United States   (Clinton)
Behold I am here...Glad to have found you all. I live in Clinton- Henry County Mo I've been here for a decade now and its been pretty nice. I Like to take Walks sometimes bike ride if the weather premits. I'm also a type 2 Diabetic controlling with diet and exercise 2X and melting.. I make medallions out of old hardrive disks and CD's that goof up. V's are the subject. I wear them on my various hats I have green eyes creamy pale skin I'm (White) I'm also single looking to make friends first other things might come later on 'in tyme' Tymelynerdelux
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